If studying-lgbtq-people inboxes you asking to take part in questions about LGBTQ people “to help her understand” DO NOT DO IT. It is Sophie M Herold, the girl from Germany who attacks LGBTQ people and outs them to others. She is transphobic, homophobic and one of the sickest people I know. And now she’s back with a cunning new plan to get you NAME, ADDRESS, BIRTH DATE, AND PHOTO.

This girl is dangerous, and for some reason is allowed to keep making new tumblr accounts. We’ve raised awareness before and it helped, so lets do it again before she puts another persons life in danger. She collects your information and gives it out to others, she has sent letters to peoples parents outing them, other people have gotten hurt because of her. Yes, hurt.

Even if we can’t stop her again, get this message out and stop others giving her information etc.

And Sophie, you should know by now not to fuck with me again, wrong move, buddy.